Wednesday, July 01, 2009


The Starlight Mints--black champagne [barsuk]
CSS--rat is dead [sub pop]
Liechtenstein--roses in the park [slumberland]
War Tapes--dreaming of you [sarathan]
The Thought--every single day [mca]
Tiny Masters of Today--two dead soldiers [mute]
XTC--scissor man [caroline]
The Whitefield Brothers--in the raw [now again]
Lee Fields--money i$ king [truth & soul]
Mexican Institute of Sound--alocatel *ad rock remix [nacional]
Esser--headlock [chocolate industries]
The Blow--pile of gold [k]
Passion Pit--little secrets [french kiss]
Holy Ghost!--i will come back [dfa]

Dosh--simple exercises [anticon]
RJD2--clean living [definitive jux]
Noisettes--never forget you
Robotanists--wait a minute here [overheard]
Bad Veins--gold and warm [dangerbird]
Holy Rolling Empire--this is why we can't have nice things [burning house]
Nightmare of You--i think i'm getting older [bevonshire]
Jets Overhead--i should be born [vapor]
The Swellers--my mount everest
Grave Goods--bred in the bone [tundra]
Dag Nasty--values here [dischord]
Mika Miko--turkey sandwich [ppm]
Hot Chip--transmission [astralwerks]
Peter Project--fair and square [fuzzy logic]
The Herbaliser--same as it never was [K7]

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