Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February 20, 2007

Antibalas--filibuster X [anti]
Money Mark--nice to me [brushfire]
The High Llamas--bacaroo [drag city]
Cornelius--fit song [everloving]
She, Sir--the clandestine [self release]
Bloc Party--hunting witches [vice]
Mr. Projectile--gloworm [six]
Fila Brazilia--the solid doctor beats means highs [23]
Under Byen--af samme stof som stof [paper bag]
Glomag--computer love [astralwerks]
Sarah Shannon--city morning song [minty fresh]
Velocity Girl--go coastal [sub pop]

Andrew Bird--heretics [fat possum]
Joanna Newsom--cosmia [drag city]
Zion I & The Grouch--hit 'em [om]
Kasabian--club foot [rca]
Bishop Allen--empire city
Deadman--when the music's not forgotten [one little indian]
Deadman--won't be long [one little indian]
Hexstatic--masterview [ninja tune]


Roy Russell said...


We're launching a new service called GoLoco. It is a ridesharing/carpooling brokerage service that we hope will help transform ridesharing into the preferred mode of transit in a personal car.

We'll be launching at goloco.org any day now, and wanted to start a blog on blogger, hopefully goloco.blogger.com.

It doesn't appear to be in use any more and we wondered if you'd be willing to let us use the address for our blog.

You can reach me at roy at goloco.org

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