Tuesday, February 13, 2007

February 13, 2007

Under Byen--af samme stof som stof [paper bag]
Bjork--all is full of love *funkstorung remix [K7]
The Knife--like a pen [mute]
Christopher Willits--yellow spring [ghostly]
Beirut--elephant gun [ba da bing]
The Mountain Goats--going to lebanon [ajax]
Thee More Shallows--freshman *odd nosdam remix [turn]
Dean & Britta--words you used to say [zoe]
Sparklehorse--shade and honey [astralwerks]
The Faintest Ideas--dexter's got a sinister heart [magic marker]
The Futureheads--worry about it later [startime/vagrant]
The Datsuns--stuck here for days [nz on air]

Geisha Girls--retaining water [number 3]
She, Sir--the clandestine [self release]
Calla--sanctity [beggars]
Explosions in the Sky--welcome ghosts [temporary residence]
Midnight Movies--patient eye [new line]
Youth Group--dead zoo [anti]
Rob Crow--taste [temporary residence]
P.G. Six--strange messages [drag city]

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