Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 31, 2006
Play It As It Slays

Viva Voce--from the devil himself [barsuk]
Sparklehorse--ghost in the sky [astralwerks]
Mojave 3--ghost ship waiting [4ad]
Superchunk--scary monsters (and super creeps) [merge]
The Boy Least Likely To--monsters [too young]
The Kinks--full moon
Mogwai--kids will be skeletons [matador]
DJ Shadow--giving up the ghost [quannum]
Social Distortion--creeps (i just wanna give you)
The Husbands--monster party
Calla--play dead
TAM--better off dead [ecstatic peace]
Autolux--angry candy

The Quantic Soul Orchestra--that goose on my grave [ubiquity]
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra--spooky street [ubiquity]
Barcelona--haunted by the ghost of patty
Irving--death in the garden, blood on the flowers [eenie meanie]
Mazzy Star--ghost on the highway
Destroyer--your blood [merge]
Seaweed--kid candy [sub pop]

(Tommy the trick-or-treating intern)
The Flaiming Lips- If I only Had A Brain
The Decemberists- The Shankill Butchers
Karen Ann- Le Sable Mouvant
The White Ghost Shivers- The Ghost Song
The Paper Chase- We Know Where You Sleep

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