Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 17, 2005

Bonobo--nightlite *feat. bajka [ninja tune]
Mochipet--disko donkey *broker/dealer mix [daly city]
Solvent--wish [ghostly]
Depeche Mode--nothing to fear [mute]
Casper & The Cookies--kiss a friend [happy birthday to me]
Cowboy Curtis--jason [self release]
The Lights--suge knight sweetheart [wantage usa]
TV On The Radio--hours [touch and go/interscope]
Citizens Here And Abroad--evening news [turn]
The Hourly Radio--he said/she said [kirtland]
Forward Russia--nine [mute]
Casper & The Cookies--take it away kathy [happy birthday to me]

Wire--blessed state [emi/pink flag]
Geisha Girls--regrets [number 3]
Lloyd Cole--antidepressant [one little indian]
Unrest--cath carroll *10cc mix [4ad]
The Undertones--family entertainment [ryko]
Underworld--confusion the waitress [wax trax]
Thavius Beck--the storm before the calm [mush]
Caural--re-experience any moment you choose [mush]
Miho Hatori--barracuda [ryko]
The Baldwin Brothers--air is invisible [tvt]
Cut Chemist--my 1st big break [warner bros]
Boogie Boarder--spaghetti snorter [famous class]
Niobe--give all to love [tomlab]

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