Tuesday, November 22, 2005

November 22, 2005

3hive vs Music For Robots Round 1
w/ special guest Mark Willet from Music For Robots

download hour 1 [43MB, 96kbps]
Birdmonster--the resurrection song [self release]
Speaker Speaker--statues/shadows [self release]
Mazarin--the new american apathy [i and ear]
Stratageme--scripts [judah records]
Death From Above 1979--Black History Month *alan braxe & fred falke remix [vice]
The Morning After Girls--run for our lives [rainbow quartz]
The A-Sides--expressway to your heart [plain parade]
Action--something to say
Matt Costa--sweet thursday [venerable]
Bodies of Water--here comes my hand
Hanne Hukkelberg--ease [leaf]

download hour 2 [41MB, 96kbps]
Tom Vek--nothing but green lights *digitalism remix [kitsune]
Twink--pussy cat [seeland]
Whomadewho--roses [gomma]
Dizzy Gillespie--swing low, sweet cadillac *gerardo frisina remix [impulse]
Gnarls Barkley--crazy
Ohmega Watts--a request [ubiquity]
Jamie Lidell--multiply [warp]
Ray Barbee--there's a proper time and procedure for every matter [galaxia]
El Ten Eleven--central nervous piston [bar none]
B. Fleischman--aldebaran waltz [morr]

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