Tuesday, November 15, 2005

November 15, 2005

Mobius Band--the loving sounds of static [ghostly]
Spaghetti Western--dusty windowsills [adonis]
Calexico--sonic wind [quarterstick]
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra--windy city [ubiquity]
Speaker Speaker--statues/shadows [none]
Mazarin--the new american apathy [i and ear]
Dirty On Purpose--mind blindness [north street]
Mum--i'm 9 today [morr]
Clue To Kalo--seconds when it's minutes [mush]
Subtle--f.k.o. [lex]
Dabrye--nite eats day (money mix) *feat. Beans [ghostly]
Twink--animal talk [seeland]
Breakestra--you don't need a dance [ubiquity]
Marva Josie--he does it better *gilles peterson digs america [ubiquity]

Tristeza--bromas [better looking]
Ray Barbee--good hope [galaxia]
Donna Regina--how beautiful [karaoke kalk]
Broadcast--michael a grammar [warp]
Apostle Of Hustle--sleepwalking ballad [arts & crafts]
Subtle--i <3 l.a. [lex]
Death Vessel--deep in the horchada *sic [none]
Matt Costa--sweet thursday [venerable]
Matt Pond PA--so much trouble [altitude]
The Teeth--so long [park the van]
Cat Power--the greatest [matador]
Dios (Malos)--feels good being somebody [startime]
Grandaddy--pull the curtain [v2]
Rogue Wave--publish my love [sub pop]

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