Wednesday, July 21, 2004

July 21, 2004

Ratatat--crips [xl]
Missy Elliot--hot *ratatat remix [white label]
**Interview with Evan Mast of Ratatat**
Ratatat--seventeen [xl]
Greyboy--so good w/ Bing Ji Ling [ubiquity]
M83--in church [mute]
Summer Blanket--the story of our lives [pop up]
St. Thomas--come my way [racing junior]
Fan Modine--the back and forth [grimsey]
Owen--skin and bones [polyvinyl]
FNDMNTL--serv it []

Free Moral Agents--lay down [gsl]
Himuro--start play guitar [couch blip]
Autolux--sub-zero fun [dmz]
Lanterna--seasons [badman]
Ezekiel Honig--your face betrays your thoughts [single cell]
M83--run into flowers [mute]
Matt Marque--blowback [truckstop]
The Briefs--halfsize girl [byo]
Clorox Girls--walks the streets [smartguy]
The National Splits--slowboat [kittridge]
Paco--shaded [unfiltered]
Chib--chips [fat cat]
The Concretes--you can't hurry love [astralwerks]
The Concretes--diana ross [astralwerks]

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* said...

Thanks to Evan Mast from Ratatat for calling in the show tonight! Buy their record, see their show, be happy.