Wednesday, July 14, 2004

July 14, 2004

Autolux--sub-zero fun [dmz]
Autolux--angry candy [dmz]
Lali Puna--micronomic [morr]
Glider--la puissance de l'eau [matlock]
Call And Response--trapped under ice [badman]
Mantler--stronger than action allows [tomlab]
Neulander--flying [disko b]
The Hatepinks--fall in love with a jpeg file [unity squad]
The Paper Chase--said the spider to the fly [kill rock stars]
The Orphans--famous [unity squad]
Les Savy Fav--meet me in the dollar bin [french kiss]
Howard Hello--the one [temporary residence]
King Creosote--homeboy [domino]

Ryuichi Sakamoto--undercooled [kab]
n.Lannon--my last breath [badman]
Charles Kamm--leave him hanging []
Schlammpeitziger--pra-digitaler volksstuhlhanger [sonig]
Headset--grasping claw (the beginning) [plug research]
Worm Is Green--love will tear us apart [arena rock]
Decahedron--pay no mind [lovitt]
The Mattoid--slacker's pain [cleft]
Prefuse 73--wylin out *original instrumental [chocolate industries]
RJD2--making days longer [def jux]
Sharkey--if it fits [babygrande]
Bumblebeez 81--step back [modular]
Clorox Girls--walks the streets [smartguy]
Lyrics Born--hott bizness [quannum]

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