Wednesday, March 24, 2004

March 24, 2004

Ratatat--seventeen [xl]
Daedelus--taking wing [plug research]
Peggy Honeywell--sympathy date [galaxia]
Quinimine--beauty pill [grey flat]
The Silent League--the catbird seat [file 13]
Bedroom Walls--winter, that's all [giant pets]
The Earlies--bring it back again [melodic]
Amon Tobin--get your snack on [ninja tune]
Kid Koala--fender bender [ninja tune]
Bonobo--pick up [ninja tune]
Le Concorde--it's the minor chords that'll kill ya [le concorde]
New Black--angel with cockroach wings [thick]
Lansing-Dreiden--track 4 [kemado]

Diverse w/Lyrics Born--explosive [chocolate industries]
RJD2--clean living [def jux]
Greyboy--genevieve [ubiquity]
Federico Aubele--ante tus ojos [eighteenth street lounge]
Twittering Machine--learn to steal [twittering machine]
Jaime Barnes--wait for her [silber]
Goldrush--what i thought [truck]
Oslo--for all it's worth [oslo]
The Church--telepath [spinArt]
Jaga Jazzist--day [ninja tune]
TV On The Radio--staring at the sun [touch and go]
Citizens Here And Abroad--appearances [omnibus]

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