Wednesday, March 10, 2004

March 10, 2004

Pedro--folded arms [melodic]
Meat Beat Manifesto--intermission dub [run]
The Channel--renee bobotics [c-side]
Stereolab--margerine [elektra]
Trans Am--white rhino [thrill jockey]
Iron & Wine--naked as we came [sub pop]
Sufjan Stevens--in the devil's territory [sounds familyre]
Baskervilles--after work [secret crush]
Goldrush--what i thought [truck]
Tugboat Fantastic--laughter and forgetting [kittredge]
Coley Park--cainchair [shady lane]
Mountaineers--cavern diety [mute]

The Kingdom Flying Club--electromagnetic daze [emergency umbrella]
The Wannadies--little by little [hidden agenda]
2Mex--the return of fernanomania [paladin]
Numbs--dedication [18 Percent Gray/Slug]
Thavius Beck--in memoriam [mush]
Lomax--in the bodies of journalists [93 records]
Greyboy w/ Bart Davenport--genevieve [ubiquity]
Beanfield--mr. park [compost]
Ricci Rucker--dirt [sound in color]
Matthew Dear--but for you [ghostly]
The Monolith--10 x infinity [fortune]
Denise James--hold on this time [rainbow quartz]
Dept. Of Eagles--romo-goth [isota]
The Robot Ate Me--crispy christian tea time [swim slowly]
Cyann & Ben--siren song [lotus]

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