Wednesday, February 25, 2004

February 25, 2004
w/ special guests Ill Lit

Coley Park--cain chair [shady lane]
Blonde Redhead--elephant woman [4ad/beggars]
The Robot Ate Me--the genocide ball [swim slowly]
Ammoncontact--house plants [plug research]
DJ Food--consciousness *ashley beedle mix [ninja tune]
Danger Mouse--dirt off your shoulder [danger mouse]
All The People--cramp your style [soul jazz]
Arms of Kismet--karma never forgets [wampus]
Entrance--careless love [tiger style]
Lambchop--the lone official [merge]
Carla Bozulich--time of the preacher [diCristina stair builders]
Department of Eagles--noam chomsky spring break 2002 [isota]
The Faraway Places--marvelous error [eenie meenie]

Ill Lit--whitewashing [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--welschratz [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--in the thick [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--mostly fair skies [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--breathless [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--satan's jeweled crown [live on kuci]
Ill Lit--i would be true [live on kuci]

The High Llamas--calloway [drag city]
Savath & Savalas--dejame [warp]
Pilot to Gunner--barrio superstar [arena rock]
Howard Hello--giving up [temporary residence]
Nice Nice--cold sweat part xvi [temporary residence]
Yeah Yeah Yeahs--date with the night [interscope]