Wednesday, February 04, 2004

February 4, 2004

stream part one>>>
Donna Regina--late [karaoke kalk]
Nobody--porpoise song [ubiquity]
Dabrye--with a professional [ghostly]
Coley Park--cain chair [shady lane]
Reclinerland--come on summer [hush]
Bexar Bexar--where she lives every day [western vinyl]
Junkie XL--perfect blue sky [koch]
Lomax--the bodies of journalists [93 records]
Mighty Six Ninety--with you [demo]
The Unicorns--tuff ghost [alien 8]
Phil Ranelin--wife *prefuse 73 remix [hefty]
Dosh--india india [anticon]
The Wannadies--nothing wrong [hidden agenda]
Bing Ji Ling--you shook me all night long [ubiquity]
Gwen McCrae--90% of me is you [soul jazz]

stream part two>>>
Parsley Sound--spring's near [mo'wax/beggars]
The Walkmen--the rat [record colletion]
Arms of Kismet--foldback [wampus]
The Kingdom Flying Club--artists are boring [emergency umbrella]
Telefon Tel Aviv--what it was will never again [hefty]
Her Space Holiday--my girlfriend's boyfriend [mush]
Pilot To Gunner--barrio superstarrio [arena rock]
The Elected--7 september 2003 [sub pop]
Audio Out Send--radio elevator rising [flashcard project]
Savath & Savalas--colores sin nombre [warp]
P'taah--baltimore oriole [ubiquity]
Luke Vibert--liptones [warp]
The American Analog Set--come home baby julie, come home [tiger style]
Willard Grant Conspiracy--soft hand [kimchee]
+/- she's got your eyes [teen beat]

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