Wednesday, January 14, 2004

January 14, 2004
w/ special guest: Matt Costa

stream part one>>>

Entrance--careless love [tiger style]
The Books--the future, wouldn't that be nice? [tomlab]
Elbow--ribcage [V2]
Printed Circuit--mobira [catmobile]
The Notwist--this room *four tet & manitoba remix [domino]
Fizzle Like A Flood--like wind like rain [ernest jenning]
No River City--fainter on my tongue [six little shoes]
Matt Costa--acting like a fool [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--the two of us [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--sunshine [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--astair [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--tv gods [venerable]

stream part two>>>

Karminsky Experience--belly disco [esl]
Matthew Dear--dog days [spectral/ghostly]
Matt Costa--moving on [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--shimmering fields [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--sweet rose [live on kuci]
Matt Costa--tangerine puppet [live on kuci]
The Jessica Fletchers--bloody seventies love [rainbow quartz]
Lithops Scrypt--attached [thrill jockey]
Dizzee Rascal--fix up, look sharp [xl/matador]
Mountaineers--all my life [mute]
Laika--barefoot blues [too pure/beggars]
The Dylan Group--avila [fat cat]
Him--the way trees [bubblecore]
Him--join me [universal]

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