Wednesday, January 07, 2004

January 7, 2004

Exile--time has come [sound in color]
The Books--take time [tomlab]
The Decemberists--los angeles, i'm yours [kill rock stars]
Coco B's--here comes sunshine [grand theft autumn]
Matthew Dear--but for you [spectral/ghostly]
Daedelus--going unsteady [mush]
Minikon--orange blossom [kira kira]
The Jessica Fletchers--bloody seventies love [rainbow quartz]
Mighty Six Ninety--with you [demo]
The Music Lovers--this world vs. the next world [marriage]
Donna Regina--late [karaoke kalk]
Mountaineers--ripen [mute]
Halloween, Alaska--call it clear [princess]

The French--the stars, the moon, the sun and the clouds [too pure/beggars]
Grandaddy--my little skateboarding problem [will/V2]
Sufjan Stevens--say yes! to m!ch!gan! [asthmatic kitty]
DJ Wally--a day in the life [thirsty ear]
Ricci Rucker--there is nothing to compare to [sound in color]
The Lithium Project--camera obscurer [hydrogen dukebox/ubiquity]

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