Wednesday, November 19, 2003

no. 126
November 19, 2003

Clearlake--almost the same [domino]
The Decemberists--shanty for the arethusa [kill rock stars]
Manitoba--hendrix with ko [domino]
Mojave 3--billoddity [4ad/beggars]
Al Green--i can't stop [blue note]
The Shins--so says i [sub pop]
Denali--hold your breath [jade tree]
Underworld--mmm skyscraper i love you [jbo/v2]
Villain Accelerate--paper, boxcutter, rock [mush]
Adventure Time--water times [plug research]
Kevin Shields--goodbye [emperor norton]
Mr. Projectile--less math, more music [toytronic]
Sun Kil Moon--lily and parrots [jetset]

The Album Leaf--seal beach [acuarela]
South--loosen your hold [kinetic]
Stars--elevator love letter [arts & crafts]
Adam Green--baby's gonna die tonight [rough trade]
Adam Green--jessica [rough trade]
Pleasure Club--here comes the trick [sixth man]
Atmosphere--trying to find a balance [rhymesayers]
VHS Or Beta--solid gold *bob mould loud bomb mix [stifle]
The Kingsbury Manx--half man [overcoat]
Calla--televised [arena rock]
Quench--latch [n5MD]
Kaskade--true [OM]
David Dondero--Ashes [future farmer]
Myracle Brah--this is where we belong [rainbow quartz]

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