Wednesday, November 26, 2003

no. 127
November 26, 2003

Eyes Like Knives--like a ghost [demo]
Omid--arrival/departure [mush]
Clearlake--almost the same [domino]
DJ Wally--thirsty thrills [thirsty ear]
The Lot Six--no ufos [tarantulas]
Beulah--me and jesus don't talk anymore [velocette]
Mojave 3--bluebird of happiness *manitoba mix [4ad]
Jaga Jazzist--suomi finland [ninja tune]
Isobel Campbell--the cat's pyjamas [instinct]
Midwest Product--duckpond [ghostly]

Decibully--we belong on rooftops [polyvinyl]
Wayne Shorter--footprints [blue note]
Against Me!--cliche guevara [fat]
Slomo Rabbit Kick--you say device i say logo [skrocki]
Azure Ray--new resolution [saddle creek]
Dolorean--so you're a touring band now [yep rock]
Adam Green--jessica [rough trade]
The Twilight Singers--teenage wristband [birdman]
Cex--kill me [jade tree]
South--loosen your hold [kinetic]
Adventure Time--water signs [plug research]
Kitbuilders--sylder [s.h.a.d.o.]
The Frames--lay me down [overcoat]
Coco B's--here comes sunshine [grand theft autumn]
Manitoba--hendrix with ko [domino]
Ron & Candy--plastic situation [ubiquity]
Options Are Open--pacman [systorm]
Marat--salt [morisen]

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