Saturday, December 29, 2001

Play It As It Lays #48
December 29, 2001

Artist--song (label)

1. Masters of the Hemisphere--summertime, that's when the good times start (dcbaltimore)
2. Cornelius--chapter 8-seashore and horizon (matador)

Live in-studio: The North Magnetic>>
3. The North Magnetic--in between
4. The North Magnetic--tonight we ride
5. The North Magnetic--mudslide
6. The North Magnetic--deciding days

7. Make Up--hey! orpheus (k)
8. Fourtet--untangled (domino)

Live in-studio: The North Magnetic>>
9. The North Magnetic--sunk like a wrench
10. The North Magnetic--musashi strategy
11. The North Magnetic--camaro

12. Kid Koala & Dynomite D/third world lover (motel)
13. La Zamba Del Chevy--la zamba del chevy (smart art press)
14. Roots Manuva--join the dots (big dada)

**Program Notes: This week's program ran only an hour due to a UCI basketball game. The game is currently in progress, so it's still anyone's game. Go UCI!

In studio this afternoon for a live set was Chico based, The North Magnetic. They're a 3-guitar band and pull off it very well. Nice textures, a great drummer, and the typical indie rock low-in-the-mix vocals. Look for a proper recording from them sometime in the summer, along with an extensive tour. Unfortunately, the band is without a website, so it's hard to keep up with them, but I'm sure they'll be keeping in touch with KUCI. So stay in touch with us...

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