Saturday, December 22, 2001

Play It As It Lays #047
December 22, 2001

Artist--song (label)

1. The Promise Ring--b is for bethlehem (jade tree)
2. Quarashi--malone lives (time bomb)
3. As One--music is an open sky (ubiquity)
4. The Lassie Foundation--good as gold (anisette)
5. Greyboy--parkside bounce (ubiquity)

6. Tanya Donelly--the storm (beggars)
7. Yuji Oniki--between beds and clocks (future farmer)
8. Le Tigre--tres bien (mr. lady)
9. Four Tet--you could ruin my day (domino)
10. Fridge--cut up piano and xylophone (temp. residence)

11. The Cinematic Orchestra/channel 1 suite *four tet remix (ninja tune)
12. Co Real Artists--what about you [in the world today] (stones throw)
13. Harold Melvin--the love i lost (epic legacy)
14. The Avalanches--two hearts in 3/4 time (modular)
15. Stacey Pullen--futuristikfreakqueen (science)

16. The Prom--saloon song (barsuk/panther fact)
17. Olivia Tremor Control--jumping fences (spinArt)
18. Aphex Twin--vordhosbn (warp/sire)
19. Tino--christmas is here (tino corp)
20. Railroad Jerk--clean shirt (matador)

21. Barcelona--i have the password to your shell account (march)
22. Masters of the Hemisphere/when people were younger (dcbaltimore)
23. Mr. Len--this morning (matador)
24. Basehead--not in kansas (imago)
25. Model--the next move (cookin')
26. Mr. Scruff--happy band (ninja tune)

*test--just lost my program notes. too tired to rewrite them. Know this--Detroit's Stacey Pullen recently inked a deal with the wonderful people at Ubiquity. His next record will be available domestically, unlike the current one, through the Virgin UK imprint Science. Don't wait to by the new Stones Throw funk compilation, "The Funky 16 Corners." I did and I can't believe I've been living so long without the Co Real Artists. Their rappy "What About You [In The World Today]" preceded "Rapper's Delight" and is just as delightful.

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