Saturday, May 24, 2014

Show no. 540 Trust - Joyland

Ice Machine--shout
Trust--rescue, mister
De Lux--moments [innovative leisure]
Shawn Lee--we got the jazz [bbe]
Pup--reservoir [side one dummy]
Thumpers--dancing's done [sub pop]
Donna Regina--carlos [karaoke kalk]
Tobacco--self tanner [ghostly]
Hunger Farm--circles
Heavenly Beat--expectation [captured tracks]
Trust--ichabod [arts & crafts]

Dean Wareham--the dancer disappears [double feature]
Camcorder--push you away
Dog Bite--tuesdays [carpark]
Strange Relations--very white teeth
Veronica Falls--if you still want me *bedroom demo
Veronica Falls--need you around [beachy head]
Spanish Gold
Library Voices--john farrell buffalo [prairie shag]
The Horrors--so now you know [xl]
Mr. Scruff--friendly bacteria [ninja tune]
Fenech-Soler--stop and stare [so]
Trust--lost souls/eelings [arts & crafts]
Carroll--bad water

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