Saturday, August 24, 2013

Show no. 521: Weekend - Jinx

Weekend--july [slumberland]
Pond--aloneaflameaflower [modular]
The Mary Onettes--hit the waves [labrador]
Johnny Marr--upstarts [sire]
The Crookes--bear's blood [modern outsider]
Campfires--fortune teller [fire talk]
Veronica Falls--teenage [slumberland]
Doris Day--tacos, enchiladas and beans [columbia]
Deer Tick--the dream's in the ditch [partisan]
Japan--swings [virgin]
Shigeto--detroit part 1 [ghostly]
Mount Kimbrie--blood and form [warp]
Light Heat--and the birds [ribbon]
Speedy Ortiz--tiger tank [carpark]

Weekend--adelaide {slumberland]
The Growlers--naked kids [everloving]
Black Marble--cruel summer [hardly art]
Future Bible Heroes--keep your children in a coma [merge]
Moderat--let in the light [mute]
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down--the long day [ribbon]

The El Caminos Reverb Explosion 1 Exotic
gutbucket Flock 1 F you  and your hipster Tie
Konono No1 1. Wumbanzanga
PEter Tosh Wanted 2 African
Kmfdm self titled 1. Megalomaniac
Lower Class Brats Live 9. Psycho

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