Saturday, August 11, 2012

w/ dj emily

adam and the ants "zerox machine"  45
**bad indians "all over now" the path home gingko records
beat happening "bad seeds" beat happening K LP 1
**ariel pink "driftwood" mature themes 4AD
food and shelter "square dance" square dance resistance records

catholics "sunshine superman" soundcloud
**grass widow "goldilocks zone" internal logic
**parquet courts "stoned and starving" bandcamp
steve mcdonald group "motorboat"  -- kim fowley cover

fun boy three "our lips are sealed URDU version" 12 inch
**xyx "sobrenada" teatro negro monofus press
**sic alps "baby's in a coma" - tronics covers EP
frank alpine "no exit" weird records

broken water "peripheral star" perennial 
primal scream "RISE" evil heat
big in japan "suicide a gogo" 45

factory floor "real love" 12 inch
summer hits "mod cinema" 45 silver girl
Poppys -"Le Tourbillon Du Pakistan"   Poppys 1971

**cheap time "more cigarettes" wallpaper music
13th chime "cursed" EP
human league "do or die" live on tiswas
mambo taxi "do you always dress like in front of other people's boyfriends" 45

yummy fur "plastic cowboy"
new order "586" peel sessions
unknown duo "love with fake words" 12 inch

** veronica falls "my heart beats" slumberland
arms of someone new "spiral of silence"
section 25 "looking from a hilltop" 45

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