Saturday, March 31, 2012


Tanlines--brothers [true panther sounds]
School of Seven Bells--love play [ghostly/vagrant]
Bear in Heaven--idle heart [dead oceans]
Metronomy--the look [big beat]
La Sera--i can't keep you in my mind [hardly art]
Dancing Heals--live & learn
Magic Wands--black magic [bright antenna]
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's--shannon [mariel]
Versus--shooting star [teen beat]
Luna--california (all the way) [rhino]
James & Evander--abigamy [velvet blue]
Apparat--song of los [mute]
VCMG--lowly [mute]

Ernest Gonzales--when synchronicity prevails [fof]
Orbital--one big moment
My Bloody Valentine--you never should [sire]
Ulysses--glacier [eenie meenie]
Porcelain Raft--unless you speak from your heart [secretly canadian]
Soft Swells--every little thing [modern outsider]
Atlas Sound--walkaround [kranky/4ad]
Ceremony--citizen [matador]
The Germs--communist eyes [slash]
Anti-Flag--this is the new sound [sideone dummy]
Clark--tooth moves [warp]
Evan Voytas--when we could all float away
Computer Magic--trinity [kitsune]
We Ragazzi--forever surrender 2 u [self-starter foundation]
Gary Numan--dead sun rising [mortal]

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