Saturday, October 08, 2011


Emperor X--erica western teleport [bar/none]
Future Islands--balance [thrill jockey]
Milagres--here to stay [kill rock stars]
Still Corners--endless summer [sub pop]
Nous Non Plus--bunga bunga [aeronaut]
Ursula 1000--disko-tek [esl]
Tom Vek--we do nothing
Justice--audio, video, disco [vice]
The Mattson 2--give inskis *feat. Tommy Guerrero [galaxian]
Library Voices--generation handclap [nevado]
The Drums--money [french kiss]
Veronica Falls--bad feeling [slumberland]
Cold Cave--confetti [matador]
Graffiti 6--free [capitol]

The Funk Ark--horchata [esl]
Tame Impala--solitude is bliss [modular]
M83--midnight city [mute]
VHS or Beta--breaking bones [krian]
Spandau Ballet--to cut a long story short [chrysalis]
CSS--i love you [v2]
The Humans--titanium girl [the end]
Wild Flag--glass tambourine [merge]
Donora--the untouchables [rostrum]
Mates of State--maracas [barsuk]
Gringo Star--shadow [glassnote]
Emperor X--canada day [bar/none]

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