Saturday, August 07, 2010


Commotions meet the Irresistible Force--perfect skin [polydor uk]
Wait. Think. Fast.--look alive
The Books--i didn't know that [temporary residence]
Christopher Willits--sun body [ghostly]
The Depreciation Guild--crucify you [kanine]
School of Seven Bells--dust devil [vagrant/ghostly]
Autolux--supertoys [tbd]
Best Coast--when the sun don't shine [mexican summer]
Ear Pwr--super animal bros III [carpark]
Land of the Loops--fresh pond parkway [slabco]
Solvent--formulate [ghostly]
Possum Dixon--watch the girl destroy me [interscope]
The Black Angels--telephone [blue horizon]
The Thermals--i don't believe you [kill rock stars]

Dan Mangan--robots [arts & crafts]
The Dead Weather--child of a few hours [third man]
Admiral Radley--sunburn kids [the ship]
Best Coast--boyfriend [mexican summer]
Steve Mason--am i just a man [double six/domino]
ceo--illuminata [modular]
Freestylers--lower level [freskanova]
Cut and Paste--watch me rollin' [freskanova]
Elsewhere--1981 [miss cashew]
Shriekback--my spine is the bassline [year zero]
Wavves--king of the beach [fat possum]
Tender Trap--2 to the n [slumberland]
Autolux--census [tbd]
Mother/Father--order [radical notion]

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