Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Special

Mazzy Star--I'm Sailin'
The Shins--young pilgrims
Eef Barzelay--thanksgiving waves
John Vanderslice--plymouth rock
Blood Feathers--sea legs
Snmnmnm--indian nation!
Darker My Love--hello traveler
Barcelona--indian names
Elastica--indian song
The High Llamas--pilgrims
Flunk--indian rope trick
Wolf Parade--dinner bells

Peggy Honeywell--honey for dinner
Mr. Scruff--jazz potato
Solex--you say potato, i say aardappel
Wovenhand--bible and bird
Radio Citizen--birds
Apples in stereo--the bird that you can't see
Ella Fitzgerald--shoe fly pie and apple pan dowdy
The Upallnights--blueberry pie
Aqueduct--dinner mints
Squirrel Nut Zippers--indian giver
Kaiser Chiefs--thank you very much
Big Star--thank you friends
French Kicks--don't thank me
The Futureheads--thursday
Bright Eyes--i will be grateful for this day
Cornelius--thank you for the music

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