Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Loyal Divide--young blades [none]
School of Seven Bells--face to face on high places [ghostly]
+/- snowblind [absolutely kosher]
Peggy Honeywell--kitty paws [galaxia]
Mr. Russia--skipping hearts [lens]
A Block of Yellow--do i do [around sounds]
Peachcake--internet cafe [subtractive]
Nobody presents Blank Blue--sonic what [ubiquity]
Michna--swiss glide [ghostly]
Digitalism--digitalism in cairo [astralwerks]
Miles Tilmann--the quickest way [six records]
Mr. Projectile--gloworm [six records]

B. Fleischmann--phones, machines and king kong [morr]
Ezekiel Honig--broken marching band [anticipate]
The Traditionist--a sleep be told [better looking]
A.C. Newman--the palace at 4 a.m. [matador]
Black Moth Super Rainbow--rollerdisco [graveface]
Point Juncture WA--Once Tasted Ever Wanted [mt. fuji]
Velocity Girl--rubble [sub pop]
Intricate Machines--ocean sky [none]
Winter Gloves--factories [paper bag]
Surf City--headin' inside [morr]
Love Is All--movie romance [what's your rupture?]
The Sea and Cake--up on crutches [thrill jockey]
Gavin Castleton--coffelocks [five one]
Her Space Holiday--the truth hurts so this should be painless [mush]
Mr. Chop--stark [now again]

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