Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Q-Burns Abstract Message--puff the magic [astralwerks]
Devo--big mess [infinite zero]
Crystal Castles--crimewave [last gang]
Fujiya & Miyagi--sore thumb [deaf dumb + blind]
Shy Child--astronaut [kill rock stars]
Stars--undertow [soft revolution]
Loquat--harder hit [talking house]
I'm From Barcelona--paper planes [emi]
Department of Eagles--teenagers [4ad]
The Mojomatics--wait a while [ghost]
Misfits--static age [caroline]
Mother Mother--o my heart [last gang]

Wire--one of us [pink flag]
Runner Runner--so obvious [runnerrunner]
Runner Runner--dedicate [runnerrunner]
The Exit--find me [some]
Farside--square one [revelation]
Runner Runner--see you around [runnerrunner]
Metric--succexy [elgonix]
Black Kids--partie traumatic [almost gold/columbia]
Runner Runner--
El Ten Eleven--jumping frenchmen of maine [fake record label]
Mogwai--batcat [matador]
Goldcure--too long
The Streets--everything is borrowed [vice]

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