Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The Helio Sequence--you can come to me [sub pop]
Jason Collett--out of time [arts & crafts]
Saturday Looks Good to Me--peg [k]
Reed KD--empty bottles [reed kd]
Figurines--hey girl [control group]
Figurines--the air we breathe [control group]
Beruit--a sunday smile [ba da bing]
The Black Hollies--paisley pattern ground [ernest jenning]
Robert Pollard--supernatural car lover [merge]
Hot Chip--ready for the floor [astralwerks]
Malibu--yesteryear [expansion team]
Me & You--the hoop loop [tru thoughts]
Fantastic Plastic Machine--love is psychedelic [emperor norton]

Shriekback--my spine is the bassline [strut]
Isotope---crunch cake [strut]
The Notwist--pilot *console remix [domino]
Plastalina Mosh--mr. p mosh [capitol]
Correatown--racing tides [none]
The Duke Spirit--win your love [startime]
Jack Penate--spit at stars [xl]
State Radio--gang of thieves [ruff shod]
British Sea Power--waving flags [rough trade]
Neon Neon--raquel [lex]
Les Rhythmes Digitales--hey you what's that sound [astralwerks]
Super Collider--darn (cold way o' lovin) [skint]

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