Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Landau Orchestra--dark days [milan]
Billie Holiday--i hear music *swingsett & takuya's remix [legacy]
Underworld--crocodile [crysalis/side one recordings]
Ghastly City Sleep--ice creaks [robotic empire]
Matthew Dear--neighborhoods [ghostly]
Matthew Dear--deserter [ghostly]
Siouxsie--into a swan [decca]
Justice--genesis [vice/ed banger]
Justice--let there be light [vice/ed banger]
Calvin Harris--merry making at my place [almost gold]
Goose--british mode [skint]

Red Collar--hands up [power team]
Black Francis--captain pasty [cooking vinyl]
Ryan Ferguson--remission [better looking]
Oakley Hall--no dreams [merge]
Via Audio--presents [sideCho]
Bishop Allen--rain [dead oceans]
The Poison Control Center--glory us [afternoon]
UNKLE--hold my hand [surrender all]
Earlimart--fakey fake [shout factory!]
Warm in the Wake--she'd never seen it [livewire]
Howard Hello--greenness [sickroom]

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