Tuesday, July 24, 2007

w/ special live guests: NUMBS
July 25th @ The Pike in Long Beach

Chris Joss--a part in that show *kraak & smaak remix [quango]
Calvin Harris--making merry at my place [almost gold]
Digitalism--zdarlight [astralwerks]
Mice Parade--tales of las negras [fatcat]
Numbs--hold up wait a minute
The Budos Band--budos rising [daptone]

Live on KUCI, from the S.L.C....NUMBS!
Numbs-- heavy handed [live on kuci]
Numbs-- the heat [live on kuci]
Numbs-- dedication [live on kuci]
Numbs-- what it's about [live on kuci]

Numbs--money song [earthburn]
Junior Senior--we r the handclaps [crunchy frog/ryko]

Numbs-- tru [live on kuci]
Numbs-- train music [live on kuci]
Numbs-- no mas [live on kuci]
Numbs-- all or nothing [live on kuci]

Numbs--game over [earthburn]
Bumps--as bond did, crass jenny, craven [stones throw]
Glen Porter--prolong [inner current]
Glen Porter--memoirs [inner current]
Epo-555--pizza tintin [crunchy frog]
Artanker Convoy--black dauphin [social registry]

1 comment:

TS said...

great, great show. numbs blew the doors off my house, through the radio. i don't know how but they did.