Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Maroons--lester hayes [quannum]
Fat Jon & Styrofoam--scream it out [morr]
Caural & Transmission--seamonster [abandon building]
Aerogramme--exits [sonic unyon]
Rosie Thomas--much farther to go [sing-a-long]
Sloan--who taught you to love like that? [yep roc]
Sloan--underwhelmed [geffen]
Sloan--penpals [geffen]
Lush--superblast! [4ad]
Spaceman 3--feel so good [taang!]
Sonic Youth--kim's chords [geffen]

Tom Rothrock--resonator [bong load]
Tommy Guerrero--1966 [quannum]
Tommy Guerrero--don't fake it [quannum]
Darkel--be my friend [astralwerks]
Over the Atlantic--starsign [carpark]
Sprites--george romero [darla]
Rotary Downs--body of an outlaw [rookery]
Benjy Feree--in the countryside [domino]
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin--what'll we do [polyvinyl]
The Little ones--lovers who uncover [astralwerks]
Born Ruffians--piecing it together [warp]
Hot Chip--sexual healing [astralwerks]
So Percussion--go [cantaloupe]
Dosh--o mexico [anticon]

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