Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 11, 2006
( 7-11 was giving out free Slurpees today...did you get one?)

Gotye--a distinctive sound [gotye.com]
Love Is All--used goods [what's your rupture]
Islands--don't call me whitney, bobby [equator]
Field Music--pieces [memphis industries]
Silversun Pickups--melatonin [dangerbird]
Radioinactive--refrigerator [stranger touch]
Speedy Consuela--sundaydram [fort knox]
Curtis Fuller--minor vamp *basement bros mix [savoy jazz]
Anavan--eel air camera [gsl]
Hot Chip--over and over [astralwerks]
Liquid Liquid--bellhead [dfa]
Gotye--learnalilgivinanlovin [gotye.com]

Faye Marshall--goin' home [ubiquity]
Tam--1000 watts [ecstatic peace!]
Dirty On Purpose--no radio [north street]
The Lovely Feathers--pope john paul [equator]
Midlake--it covers the hillsides [bella union]
Lady & Bird--suicide is painless [yellow tangerine]
Beruit--postcards from italy [ba da bing]
Birdmonster--cause you can [birdmonster]
Spoon--don't buy the realistic [merge]
Cut Chemist--storm [warner bros]
People Under The Stairs--flex off [puts]

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