Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Mojave 3--breaking the ice [4ad]
The Heavy Blinkers--try telling that to my baby [endearing/cooking vinyl]
The Black Heart Procession--not just words [touch and go]
The Colour--devil's got a hold of me [rethink]
Gotye--a distinctive sound [self release]
Dabrye--the stand *featuring wildchild [ghostly]
Soulphonic Soundsystem--catalina sunset [convincing woodgrain]
Poets of Rhythm--flight to st. vincent [ksd music]
Thee More Shallows--freshman *odd nosdam remix [turn]
Calling All Monsters--conventions of wizards [turn]
Persephone's Bees--on the earth [columbia]
Prototypes--gentleman [minty fresh]

Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory--coyote's song (when you hear it too) [mush]
Alias & Tarsier--dr. c [anticon]
The Minders--don't you stop [future farmer]
Sky Parade--lsoing control [self release]
The Bronx--white guilt [white drugs/island]
None More Black--we dance on the ruins... [fat]
Mike Johnson--on track [up]
Grandaddy--summer...it's gone [V2]
Futura 2000 & The Clash--escapades of futura 2000 [collision]
Atmosphere--say hey there [rhymesayers]
Nightmares on Wax--passion [warp]

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