Tuesday, February 07, 2006

February 7, 2006

Piano Overlord--agorophobia [money studies]
Miles Tilmann--a final thought [notenuf]
Modill--change for [ev]
Eskimohunter--speed and other forces [so sweet]
Say Hi To Your Mom--let's talk about spaceships [euphobia]
Mouse On Mars--spaceship [thrill jockey]
Land of the Loops--fresh pond parkway [up]
Arctic Monkeys--from the ritz to the rubble [domino]
Polysics--walky talky [ki/oon / tofu]
Masters of the Hemisphere--the gauntlet [kindercore]
Kelley Stoltz--ever thought of coming back [sub pop]
Why?--sanddollars [anticon]

Eef Barzelay--ballad of bitter honey [spinArt]
Boogie Down Productions--south bronx [tommy boy]
Conrad Newholmes--beat down streets [couchblip!]
Jel--chipmunk technique [anticon]
Sound Directions--dice game [stones throw]
J Dilla--workinonit {stones throw]
J Dilla--walkinonit {stones throw]
Greyboy--master the art [ubiquity]
Coldcut--everything is under control [ninja tune]
Red Lights--techno [squid vs. whale]
Lilys--with candy [manifesto]
Eagle*Seagull--photograph [paper garden]
Destroyer--european oils [merge]
Tommy Guerrero--knives fighting guns [galaxia]

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