Tuesday, December 20, 2005

December 20, 2005
with special guests: Madman Moon

The Boy Least Likely To--little donkey [too young to die]
Tristeza--bromas [better looking]
Ham1--broken crown [ham1]
The Capes--mexican broads [hard soul]
Pas/Cal--the bronzed beach boys [le grand magistery]
WhoMadeWho--space for rent [gomma]
Jamie Lidell--multiply [warp]
Slam Vs Unkle--narcotourists [soma]

Madman Moon--thorn [live on kuci]
Madman Moon--just getting by [live on kuci]
Madman Moon--maniacs mascarade [live on kuci]
Caribou--the spiritually immature mansion [leaf/domino]
Madman Moon--the pattern [madmanmoonmusic.com]
Madman Moon--thinking things through [madmanmoonmusic.com]
Madman Moon--rainbow meltdown [live on kuci]
Madman Moon--under the sun [live on kuci]
Madman Moon--sweet drab divine[live on kuci]

Animal Collective--flesh canoe [fat cat]
Grandaddy--pull the curtains [v2]
General Elektriks--frost on your sunglasses [quannum]
Parsley Sound--ease yourself & glide [mo'wax]
Donna Regina--slow killer [karaoke kalk]
Blockhead--expiration date [ninja tune]
Mr. Projectile--glowworm [six]
Technicolor--technic(olor)al [dog print]

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