Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October 25, 2005
w/ special guests: GRAVE FOR THE FIREFLIES

The Go Team--ladyflash [columbia]
Ohmega Watts--a request [ubiquity]
Breakestra--you don't need a dance [ubiquity]
Malcom Kipe--off the joint [merck]
Test Icicles--boa vs python [domino]
Against Me!--don't lose touch [fat]
Hot Snakes--time to escape [vagrant]

Grave For The Fireflies--comforts for the sailors [live on kuci]
Grave For The Fireflies--virus calculator [live on kuci]
Grave For The Fireflies--stories of my stay at arkham asylum [live on kuci]
Grave For The Fireflies--eyeliner [basement]
Grave For The Fireflies--mr. scarecrow's heart is not broken because mr. scarecrow has no heart [basement]
Grave For The Fireflies--dia de los muertos [live on kuci]
Grave For The Fireflies--god i'm ashamed to be american today [live on kuci]
Grave For The Fireflies--i smoke a cigarette [live on kuci]

Gang Of Four--damaged goods [v2]
Mobius Band--radio coup [ghostly]
Her Space Holiday--forever and a day [wichita]
Gravenhurst--cities beneath the sea [warp]
Ray Barbee--encouraged by improvement [galaxia]
Deru--spread your arms [merck]
Ladytron--destroy everything you touch [ryko]
Hanne Hukkelberg--cast away [leaf]
Minotaur Shock--hilly [4ad]
Tom Vek--c-c (you set the fire in me) [startime]

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