Tuesday, August 23, 2005

August 22, 2005

General Elektriks--facing that void w/ maroons [quannum]
The Free Design--girls alone *nobody musak mix [light in the attic]
Mobius Band--radio coup [ghostly]
Hammock--stranded under endless sky [hammock]
Odd Nosdam--untitled one [anticon]
Mojave 3--billodity [4ad]
Micah P. Hinson--patience [sketchbook]
Thee More Shallows--freshman thesis [turn]
The New Pornographers--use it [matador]
The Capes--tightly wound [hard soul]
Viva K--does it matter? [stinky]
Tiger Baby--sweetheart [souvenir]
My Enemy--gullvivas koloni [vapen & godis]

The Moog Cookbook--hotel california *r.i.p. bob moog [restless]
Alias & Ehren--eman ruosis iht [anticon]
The Jimmy Castor Bunch--it's just begun [tommy boy]
The Propositions--you've been chosen [luv n' haight/ubiquity]
The Herbaliser--gadget funk [ninja tune]
Howard Hello--intro [temporary residence]
Howard Hello--giving up [temporary residence]
Jose Gonzalez--heartbeats [parasol]
Pajo--track 4 [drag city]
Caribou--bees [leaf/domino]
The Glove--looking glass girl [rough trade]
Goldrush--jupiter [better looking]
Phoenix--everything is everything [astralwerks]

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