Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July 5, 2005
with special guests: OSLO

Nine Black Alps--cosmopolitan [tiny evil]
The National--lit up [beggars]
The Heavenly States--black comet [baria]
Four Tet--my angel rocks back and forth [domino]
DJ Food--cookin' [ninja tune]
Plaid--shackbu [nothing]
M.I.A.--10 $ [xl]
The Perceptionists--career finders [definitive jux]
Pedestrian--oh hosanna {anticon]
Snow & Voices--go your own way [bird song recordings]
Lali Puna--faking the books *dntel remix [morr]
Tiger Baby--sweetheart [souvenir]
Summer Lawns--piano song [stunning models on display]

The Earlies--morning wonder [679]
Oslo-- starlight [live on kuci]
Oslo-- my soul [live on kuci]
Oslo-- all terrain [live on kuci]
Looner--outside [demo]
Oslo--nervine [majestic]
Oslo-- minutegun [live on kuci]
Oslo-- the stranger [live on kuci]
Oslo-- systemic/one last fling [live on kuci]

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