Tuesday, May 31, 2005

May 31, 2005

Four Tet--high fives [domino]
Mice Parade--the days before fiction [bubblecore]
Ligyro--orange bounce [precipitate]
Mobius Band--city vs. country [ghostly]
The National--lit up [beggars]
Euphone--semi-alert [self-release]
Solex--hot diggitydog run run run [arena rock]
The Russian Futurists--2 dots on a map [upper class]
P:ano--heavens [mint]
Supersystem--born into the world [touch and go]
Kraftwerk--tour de france [kling klang]
Of Montreal--wraith pinned to the mist and other games [polyvinyl]
The Epoxies--synthesized [fat]

Amusement Parks On Fire--venus in cancer [filter]
Autolux--turnstile blues [dmz]
Invincible Overlord--my light is as bright as the sun [venerable media]

**introducing DJ-in-training: Sirisha**
Thievery Corporation- Illumination
Antibalas- World War IV
Gilles Peterson- Serrado
Blue Six- Beautiful Tomorrow
Lounge Candelas- Burning
Quantic Soul Orchestra- Pushin' On
Malcolm Kipe- My Room Remix
Verve Remixed- Blossom Dearie
Fantastic Platic Machine- Dear Mr. Salesman
Gorillaz- Fell Good Inc.

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