Tuesday, August 24, 2004

August 24, 2004

Diplo--big lost [big dada]
Matthew Dear--tide [spectral/ghostly]
Summer Blanket--the story of our lives [pop up]
Persons--bernerter [kittridge]
Saul Williams--grippo [fader]
Co Real Artists--what about you (in the world today) [stones throw]
The Roots--don't say nuthin [geffen]
hollAnd--perfect lineage saved [pulcec/teenbeat]
Secret Mommy--the beach [ache]
Boyskout--jesse james [alive]
Midnight Movies--love or a lesson [ryko]
Puritan--leather pants [skinny chest]
Nada Surf--your legs grow [barsuk/mcsweeney's]

St. Thomas--come my way [racing junior]
The Court And Spark--suffolk down upon the night [absolutely kosher]
Prince Valiant--back yard [bbe]
Wagon Christ--kwikwidetrax [ninja tune]
Murcof--maiz *der abschied von dawson city mix [leaf]
Climax Golden Twins--dead people [north east indie]
Guided By Voices-- everybody thinks i'm a raincloud (when i'm not looking) [matador]
The Mendoza Line--it's a long line (but it moves quickly) [bar/none]
Beulah--maroon bible [elephant 6]
Mighty Six Ninety--leave this world [demo]
West Indian Girl--trip [virgin]
Glider--nuageux dans nos yeux [matlock]
Greyboy: Richard 'Dimples' Fields--finger lickin' good [ubiquity]
Greyboy: Leroy And The Drivers--sad chicken [ubiquity]
Greyboy: Darkness Of Evil--laid back funk [ubiquity]

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