Wednesday, May 19, 2004

May 19, 2004

The Hatepinks--fall in love with a jpeg file [unity squad]
Moonbabies--fieldtrip usa [hidden agenda]
Actionslacks--this damn nation [self-starter]
RJD2--exotic talk [def jux]
Datach'i--dollars for bones [planet-mu]
Mixel Pixel--holsters [mental monkey]
Kaskade--steppin' out [om]
Greyboy--genevieve [ubiquity]
FNDMNTL--space between waiting []
Clouddead--dead dogs two [mush]
The Primetime Heroes--she'll be mine [noisome]
Simple Kid--staring at the sun [vector]
Joey Cape--violins [fat]
Dykehouse--signal crossing [ghostly]
hollAnd--i like my pulse [pulCec]
Pit Er Pat--bogman [overcoat]
The Fontaine Toups--who told you [teen beat]
Echobelly--you started a fire in the heart of a wasted life [fryup]
A.C. Newman--on the table [matador]

Intern Ryan's set>>
Paris TX--gemini [new line]
Autopilot Off--make a sound [island]
The Jason Riner Project--stand aside [self-release]
Sounds Like Violence--the light is such a beautiful site [deep elm]
Brazil--io [fearless]
Your Enemies Friends--business french kiss [buddyhead]
Bumblebeez 81--step back [geffen]
Sultans-- it meant nothing [swami]
Never Heard of It--Hard Headed [self-release]
Break The Silence--the likes of me [hopeless]

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