Wednesday, March 19, 2003

program ninety-eight
March 19, 2003

Earlimart--susan's husband's gunshop [palm]
Erlend Oye--every party has a winner and a loser [astralwerks]
Miles Tilmann--the quickest way [six]
Bobbi Blake--i like yellow things [bar/none]
Zero 7--distractions *madlib's ynq remix [palm]
Karin Krog--meaning of love *herbert remix
Kaskade--what i say [om]
Calexico--not even stevie nicks...[quarter sticks]
Cursive--sierra [saddle creek]
The Postal Service--we will become silhouettes [sub pop]
Grand Champeen--no action [glurp]
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band--apache *grandmaster flash remix [strut]
Marvin Gaye--mercy mercy [motown]

We Ragazzi--i want you 2 love me so much i can't stand up [self-starter]
Daedelus--busy signal [east dev]
Moving Units--x and y [palm]
Mountaineers--radio cat [mute]
The Drips--fountains
The Aislers Set--catherine says [suicide squeeze]
El Clon--erleichda [self release]
The Mermen--meander [mesa]
Cuica--meierising pt. 2/3 [ubiquity]
Earlimart--color bars [palm]
Dick Kent--rat a tat tat, america [bar none]
Solea--frankie machine [3 mileage]
Bad Astronaut--megan [double zero]
DJ Krush--86 loop [red ink]

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